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It takes a skilled, dedicated team to transform government IT. An expert team such as the one you’ll get with Agile Enterprise Services. With our experience in transforming IT, federal agencies can work faster and easier to focus on what’s important: serving the needs of our citizens. Our IntelliGuardTM frameworks are proven to create new products and services quickly and efficiently, handling your needs through to final delivery.

We design and implement secure environments that are 58% less likely to be breached during 84 independent penetration events over the last year. Our unique methodology allows us to execute 1,800 task orders which still serve over 7,200 end users today. We have been in business for over nine years, have strong financial backing, and a DCAA auditable accounting team in place. When you choose AES, we add value, with the risk of contracting with a small business already mitigated.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Do you need help formulating a digital transformation strategy, complete with a roadmap for short- and long-term ROI? Help with digital tech implementations to reduce internal, manual workloads? Help building prototype and finished digital technologies and products that streamline operations or introduce fresh performance opportunities? Help with defining which people and processes you need to enable your digital transformation and sustain it? AES stands ready to help you with all the above – and more.

Project Management Support

Do you have management pressures for your software development projects, with demands and solutions that will rapidly and repeatedly evolve through the collaborative efforts of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and/or customers? If so, then you could use the Agile Project Management Services of AES. We emphasize high-quality speed and adaptation that allows you to insert, remove, or adjust anywhere within given processes as your team(s) move along rather than forcing everyone to follow a strictly linear path.

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Systems Engineering Services

Agile Enterprise Services (AES) supports organizations to meet complex requirements by developing fully integrated systems, using industry-standard tools and methodologies, such as Agile, SAFe, and Scrum. Applying risk management, earned value management, and independent assessments to identify and mitigate system nonconformance, AES provides the Federal Government with solutions that meet extremely complex requirements.

Cyber Security Consulting

AES security auditors, computer forensic investigators, and information security (InfoSec) experts can help you pinpoint problems and formulate solutions to keep your information assets secure. Additionally, AES is equipped to rapidly identify, understand, and respond to the latest cyber threats, as well as to predict and manage future attacks. We employ the Federal Government’s Risk Management Framework (RMF) – which helps ensure the security of IT infrastructure for the DoD and Federal agencies.

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Data Analytics Services

Without analysis, you are simply storing endless terabytes of data having little context. Agile Enterprise Services provides Federal Government agencies with analytics, ranging from strategic assessments and enterprise recommendations to tactical level needs and end-user, real-time assistance via visualization tools. Our data analysis and visualization solutions turn your data into actionable insights that can drive your organization to unprecedented performance. 

Our IntelliGuardTM frameworks assist our experts with designing, implementing, and managing government technology solutions that solve problems today and anticipate future challenges. Using cloud-based applications, we can increase efficiencies, protect data, and reach more people regardless of how complex your needs might be.

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Proactive Protection,
Legacy Transformations

Of course, securing data and eliminating internet or network threats is crucial for new projects and legacy solutions. Our team can assist you in building efficient and secure networks on-premises and in the cloud. IntelliGuardTM frameworks also allow protected, collaborative environments between multiple agencies and locations.